Grade 9 Provincial Achievement Test Information

PAT Information

In May and June each year, all Grade 9 students throughout the province write provincial achievement tests in language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Results from these tests provide Alberta Education, school administrators, teachers, parents, students, and the public with information about what students know and can do in relation to provincial standards at the end of Grade 9.

Achievement tests are based on what students have learned throughout the school year and are marked by subject teachers before they are returned to Alberta Education. This allows teachers to get an initial look at the performance of the students in their classes and will enable them to use each child’s achievement test score as their final grade in each subject tested.

In fall, an Individual Student Profile showing student achievement test results become available at the school. Alberta Education prepares this profile after the marking and scoring of tests has been completed and final scores are calculated; it presents a child’s performance on each test in relation to provincial standards. This information may be useful in planning your child’s instructional program for the coming year. You are invited to review your child’s results with his or her St. Albert Catholic High School teacher and to discuss how results will be reflected in the instructional program that is planned for the coming year.

Reports that show how well our students performed, as a group in relation to provincial standards will also be available at our school in the fall. All parents and other members of our community will be invited to our school to discuss the results at that time.

Please note that the PAT is the only final exam the grade 9 students write and accounts for 10% of their final course grade. 

Please feel free to call our school if you have any questions. Thank you.